One of the most important process in the development of the software is Software Development Life-Cycle (SDLC). Every software industry would perform this SDLC in-order to design and produce a high-quality software product. In SDLC, the process is split into various tasks for the enhancement of the software product. It creates a sequence of activities to be performed by the developers. It determines the scope the project. For effective management and to produce an error free deliverables, SDLC is generally used. The overall process for developing a software project is known as Software Development Life Cycle.  



This phase is the initial process of SDLC where requirement analysis is made for the project. It is the important phase as it needs discussion with the teammates for planning a successful outcome and all the necessities to be taken. Without planning one cannot achieve a successful product. Analysis should be made for overcoming the risks to be faced while working on a project. 


Followed by planning phase, next comes the documentation. In this phase, all the requirements are noted down after clear planning and analysis. The documentation should define clearly the product requirements that will satisfy the customer needs. These requirements will be specified in the document named Software Requirement Specification (SRS). 


In designing phase, the architecture of the project will be developed. Here, the operations, process flow, functional elements, modules, specification, screen layout are designed using the mentioned requirements for the project. The design should explain sufficient details for the developers to build the project. 


The development of the product starts here after the planning and design phase. The developers start generating the code. Certain guidelines should be used by developers such as compilers, interpreters, debuggers etc. The code should be organized and coding standards should be followed. 


Testing of the software product is done through various methods. It tests for the defects, and whether the part of the programming works or not. It is an integral phase for software quality and an important activity to be taken for checking the errors. Often, unit testing, system testing and acceptance testing are performed. 


This is the last phase in SDLC, where the software product is ready to get deployed. After testing, the product is ready to be used in the real-world environment by the users. To make the developed software product operational, after fully tested and accepted by the business clients. Post-deployment review of the product is done. 

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