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Alumina Brilliance
Inspiring Speech on Women's Empowerment

Mrs. Gomathy, one of our esteemed co-founder, graced the Alumina Meet at NEC with her presence, making the event even more special. During her address, she delivered a mesmerizing speech, shedding light on the theme of women’s empowerment. Her insights and passion ignited a sense of inspiration and a renewed commitment to the cause of women’s empowerment among the audience.

Diwali Celebration

Diwali Cheers at our office. From a warm welcome to connecting our Chennai and Hyderabad teams online, our celebration sparkled with dance, balloon fun, and the cup dance challenge! A glimpse into a joyous Diwali at our workplace.

Ayutha Pooja and Vijayadasami celebration

Ayutha Pooja and Vijayadasami celebration transformed our workplace into a hub of celebration, blending tradition, joy, and team spirit. The day unfolded with vibrant events, fostering camaraderie and moments of shared enjoyment. The essence of blessings and the unexpected companionship of knowledge made it a memorable occasion, leaving an indelible mark on our collective spirit.

Kanya Kumari Expedition
Unsealing Wonders and Teamwork

Our trip to Kanya Kumari was about experiencing incredible sights and the power of working together. We were a group of 90 excited colleagues, exploring the beautiful place, playing fun games, and learning how strong teamwork can be. This journey created lasting memories and taught us valuable lessons that made us all very happy.

Reviving Heritage
Our Team's Swachh Bharat Journey

Beginning our journey towards making Swachh Bharat a reality, our team has come together to make a meaningful impact. We invite you to join us on this inspiring mission aimed at creating a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable India. Together, we can work towards a future where cleanliness and environmental sustainability are the norm, and our efforts make a lasting difference in the well-being of our nation.

Wellness Renaissance
Elevating employee vitality

It’s not just about staying healthy; it’s a journey that changes you. You’ll find a new burst of energy, beat stress, and become a happier, healthier you. Your path to feeling better mentally and physically begins here, in a program that shows you what wellness truly means.

Honoring Excellence
Mrs. Gomathy Mam's Award

Our team, driven by dedication, embarked on a mission to rejuvenate the Tirunelveli Museum, aligning with the Swachh Bharat campaign. Their hard work and unwavering commitment received due recognition, as our co-founder, Mrs. Gomathy, was awarded for her outstanding leadership in this remarkable effort. Together, we are diligently preserving our cultural treasures and promoting cleanliness, one step at a time.

Empower HER Women's Day Celebrations

On Women’s Day, we came together to honor the remarkable women in our lives. We celebrated their incredible strength, their unwavering determination, and their impressive achievements. It was a day filled with moments that inspired and warmed our hearts. These moments reminded us of the immense power and resilience that women possess. They showed us the importance of unity in recognizing and appreciating the women who make a difference in our world

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