Our mission is to create an awesome cloud business platform for the future creative leaders of all sizes, from single product manufacturer to large corporate.

Our Story

Gove was born out of frustration from using bunch of tools that are not built for modern manufactures. After years and years of using disappointed software, we calibrated our focus to build light weight simple user experience platform for modern manufactures for amazon, e-bay, and Alibaba.  Our understanding of the problems in manufacturing, backed with the technology expertise makes as a killer partner for our manufacturers.

What’s with the name – ‘Gove’

Creating inventors constantly “Go Ventures” in what they believe in. Inventors make this world the better place. They constantly improve the day to day life. They influence community and make the world a better place to live in. We want to represent creative inventors and constant thinker and high performance who want jobs to be done right now. Hence “GoVe”.  “GoVe” a Brand for inventor product manufacturing end to end platform.


Product Sourcing

“Gove helps ambitious entrepreneurs all over the world”
“Build relationships with suppliers”
You’ll be able to communicate directly with suppliers to make sure you’re giving your customers the best experience possible. Unified Online platform for corporate purchase manage to manage, forecast the procurement need for your enterprise. Manage Vendor, Accounts, Purchase Order
Features: Supplier connect, SKU management, Shipment, In transit, multiple account, prepaid and post paid finances. Product Labels versioning

Product Pricing

No more product cost guessing. Find the truth and see your profit margin by product. Helps manage your product margin with internal and external variable that affect your bottom line. Manage production backlog, product storage and inventory cost, product transportation cost.

Performance Management

Product Recall Management, Crisis Management and Product Returns.

Helps monitor and manage people, process, and product performance by each of your corporate function. Identity weak spots and retrieve real time. Measure product quality Six Sigma Standard, track work order, order status, and order fulfillment status Realtime. Keep your customer up to speed with the progress of your product development. Asset Cost Tracking by item level.

Inventory Management

Multi-site inventory management, mobile inventory management, Corporate Inventory and Product Inventory all in one roof. Track Returns, Lost, In-Use, In Stock from anywhere.

Delivery & Fulfillment

Packing list, Bill of Lading, PRO Tracking, Shipper Integration, Customer Notification all with in your system. Toll for your logistic and shipping team.

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Do you like talking about OOPS, C++, Python, Java Script?

We love those too!
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Do you not like doing the same thing repeatedly, are you bored working for big companies and feeling not contributing?

This is the place for you!


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Our Values

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Do the Right Thing!

This is what it all boils down to. We let it shine through our friendships, our products, and our customer relationships.
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Skill & Will

A can-do attitude of lets us do more with less and push that much harder to beat the competition.
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Delight Our Customers

It’s not just one person’s job to make amazing things—it’s everyone’s. Members of Gove make it their business to go the extra mile for our customers.
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Respect Every Voice

A good idea can come from anywhere. Share your voice. Stop to listen. Encourage and partake in open and respectful debate.


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